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الجهاز الجديد لشركة جيون Geant m4 mini + تحديث جديد له

الجهاز الجديد لشركة جيون Geant m4 mini + تحديث جديد له

الجهاز الجديد لشركة جيون
 Geant m4 mini
 تحديث جديد له

جديد التحديث

1.IKS VERSION to 130
2.update YouTube.
3.fixed block&mosaic

خصائص الجهاز 
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 خصائص الجهاز يحمل سرفر forevr se لمدة 15 شهر
 إيبي تفي لمدة عام
تقنية ملتي ستريم البث الأرضي القنوات الإيطالية والفرنسية والأكرانية والبلغارية
تقنية كاشيد البث الأرضي الحديث

Chipset S5H
CPU 32bit CK610M CPU with MMU
Flash 8MByte SPI NOR Flash
SDRAM Built-in 128MB 16-bit DDR3 SDRAM
DVB-S2 DEMOD DVB-S [EN300 421], DVB-S2 [EN302 307]
DVB-S/DVB-S2 Demodulator compliant and Channel decoder compliant with EN300421/EN302307-2
DiSEqCTM receive/transmit for the control of LNB, dish and oth
Interfaces TUNER S2 Tuner in
earphone AV connector left /right audio channel , compositive video
HDMI HD output connector HDMI transmitter
USB 2.0 2*USB2.0 Host
CA Slot Optinal
1 DC power input connector 12V/1A
General Feat ures Operation System ECOS
Power consumption Working power consumption :Less than 12W
Network Support USB 3G
Support USB wifi
Storage USB2.0
High-speed and Full-speed devices supported, PVR is supported
supported all kind of storage 、recording and playing
Graphics and display 2D/3D upscale/downscale function
Support Gaussian blur
Simultaneous HD & SD outputs
Multi-layer input and alpha blending
Video /Audio Decoder H265 video (HEVC/H.265), BP/MP/HP up to L4.0
H.264 video (ISO/IEC 14496-10), BP/MP/HP up to L4.1
MPEG-4 video (ISO/IEC 14496-2), SP/ASP up to L5
Dolby AC3/DD+(optional)
Single channel, dual channel, stereo, and joint stereo modes supported
DRA decoding
JPEG decoder engine
DVB Function Audio/Video format supported
Support Favorite,Sort,Move / Delete,edit
Support network search/auto search/TP search
EPG / Subtitle / Teletext Supported
USB/factory recovery/upgrade Supported
Multi-language DVB Subtitle output
DVB subtitle
Other Support PVR/Timeshift
Support 7601 WiFi by USB2.0
support RSS Support multi-formats :PAL 、NTS
15 Mois Forever se 12 Mois IPTV APOLLO

Geant m4 mini
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